DevOps Utils®

Accelerate maintenance and operations in ServiceNow®

DevOps Utils® provides a wide range of essential functions in ServiceNow that can help to speed up maintenance and operation and ultimately optimise operations. Monitoring the MID server queue enables bottlenecks to be recognised in good time. Unused configuration artefacts are identified and removed to improve the overall efficiency of the system.

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The use of DevOps Utils® ensures better handling and more efficient working methods. Reliability and security are guaranteed as a result of increasing code quality. Lengthy troubleshooting, faulty code and the resulting unplanned outages are a thing of the past.

Instance Check

See the downtimes of your MID server, the status of the queue and the general status of the instance at a glance in the DevOps Utils Dashboard.


The pre-configured DevOps Utils ATFs and Instance Scan Checks ensure that all your script files have your organisation's eslint configuration. In addition, our ATF "Check translation" checks if all your application files are translated, and if not, it provides links to efficiently add them to your application.

Instance Check

With the preconfigured instance scan checks, you can check all your script files for inactive or non-existent event calls. An inactive or non-existent event is not logged by OOTB-ServiceNow, which can lead to unexpected and untraceable behaviour.

DevOps Utils® helps to shorten maintenance times, identify sources of error in good time and generally ensure improved system handling.

The product features at a glance

  • One such feature is, for example, copying field values or paths from the context menu. This enables users to transfer information quickly and easily.
  • Another useful feature that is a real joy is the ability to save via hotkey in the backend or Classic UI. This saves time and effort when saving data changes manually.
  • In addition, DevOps Utils® also offers MID server queue monitoring. This allows users to track the status of their requests in real time and recognise bottlenecks in good time.
  • Another important function is to identify unused configuration artefacts. Through regular analyses, unnecessary elements are identified and can be removed to improve the overall efficiency and integration of the system and ensure smooth operation.
  • In addition, the tool also offers fantastic options for change requests, checking technical steps and the copy-value methodology.

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