Customized Solutions (AppEngine)

We are experts in developing specific custom applications and maximizing business value for our customers.

The challenge with ERP and ESM systems

  • ERP systems are usually characterized by rigid processes, fragmented data, limited agility, reaching their limits in the dynamic and fast-moving market.
  • Traditional ERPs are associated with high acquisition, maintenance and management costs.
  • Complex legacy architectures prevail in enterprise structures, with physical data stores spread across multiple systems.
  • State-of-the-art cloud infrastructures know no limits to scalability, but implementation requires subject matter expertise.
  • ESM systems are deployed in a short time and generate rapid added value. But to ensure agility and flexibility in the long term, a well thought-out architecture and scaling is required, which only specialists can build.
  • No-code developments are currently being touted, which motivate non-IT employees to configure no- and low tools alone. This often leads to uncontrollable growth, which must be coordinated and managed. Furthermore, low-code applications often need to be enhanced with professional developers in order to reach their full potential.
  • ESM systems such as ServiceNow technology are mostly used to digitize and automate department-specific workflows. These are typically operational processes in IT, customer service or HR management.


The application development with AppEngine, (customer) portals, web and custom applications allow a level of customization that is tailored to your individual needs.


What is achieved with our custom solutions?

  • Complex, cross-departmental business processes within the organization, but also with B2B business partners and end customers, are automated and mapped in workflow processes clearly going beyond standard solutions.
  • Workflows and processes of a company are based on  automation. Cross-departmental control, measurement and automation are not only carried out across departments but across companies, maximizing the degree of automation. And: as strongly automated as possible.
  • Seamless integration of peripheral systems as well as core systems is ensured and new potentials for synergies such as with ERP business software are exploited.
  • Deficiencies of your legacy systems are not replicated to the cloud.
  • Adaptable architectures allow your company to meet growing demands and scale with agility.
  • User-friendly features and processes lead to welcoming experiences that simultaneously drive increased agility of operational processes.
  • Operational processes remain or become flexible - while being optimized.
  • Data quality and cybersecurity are ensured while maintaining meaningful integration.

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