IT-Service Management

Secure IT service management based on ITIL lays the foundation for professional IT operation of core processes.

The challenge of IT service management

  • User data is often not up-to-date and incompletely maintained to the detriment of data quality.
  • Interfaces to downstream systems are usually not very standardized. Securing reliable interfaces is cost-intensive, which is why users are hesitant, especially when it is necessary to transfer old data.
  • Increasing customer expectations of service desk staff and lack of service catalogs make it difficult to maintain service levels.
  • Lack of collaboration between service desk staff and downstream units as well as lack of a knowledge database that is complete, up-to-date and integrated.


Increasing the efficiency, cost-effectiveness and quality of IT services within an organization is necessary, as well as ensuring a single point of contact.


What is achieved with our ITSM solution?

  • Incident management simplifies access to IT support through self-service functions and virtual agents with language understanding (NLU functionality). Incidents are automatically assigned to the appropriate IT support staff.
  • In Problem Management, structured workflows and intelligent functions diagnose the causes of problems and allow them to be resolved quickly and sustainably. Incidents and the associated changes are documented automatically.
  • Change and release management are made easier through automatic early detection of potential conflicts and simple risk assessments. In addition, the approval process for low-risk changes can be fully automated. Vulnerable or complex changes can be handled in a Change Advisory Board.
  • Context-related knowledge is offered as a self-service within Knowledge and Request Management and made available in a service catalog.
  • Requests can be sent to IT service staff from any device and the processing status of the request can also be viewed on the move.
  • Ensuring flexibility as well as easy maintenance of the system.

Customer and solution-oriented services

We know that the objective of an efficient IT solution must always be customer-centric. ServiceNow®'s ITSM solution delivers operational excellence and intelligent computing through competitive, agile and responsive systems that support your business goals.


A reasonable IT service management based on ITIL lays the foundation for the professional operation of IT with the core processes.

Incident Management
Problem Management
Change and Release Management
Request Management
Knowledge Management
Mobile, Agent Workspace, Virtual Agent & Predictive Intelligence
Incident Management

Keep your employees productive and happy by ensuring easy access to IT support with ServiceNow® Incident Management to track and resolve issues. Users can contact IT via the web or mobile self-service capabilities, as well as Virtual Agents with NLU functionality.

Machine learning automatically assigns incidents to the correct resolution group for faster resolution. A dedicated serious incident management portal enables rapid problem resolution by connecting the right service recovery teams with the appropriate stakeholders.

Problem Management

With ServiceNow® Problem Management, you can quickly recover services, often preventing problems from occurring in the first place. With a structured workflow for diagnosing root causes and resolving issues, ServiceNow® helps you prevent recurring incidents and minimize the impact of unexpected service interruptions.

Automated workflows enable problem managers to easily document problem environments and resolutions, so IT teams can focus on their work and get more done. A summarized view of incidents and associated changes enables IT to respond and resolve more quickly.

Change and Release Management

ServiceNow® Change and Release Management enables your change managers to implement changes optimally. Reduce failed changes and cost per change through automated conflict detection and risk assessment. Enable the DevOps change process through automated change approvals and governance.

ServiceNow® Change and Release Management also gives you the ability to automate approvals for low-risk changes for greater process efficiency. For complex changes, use the Change Advisory Board (CAB) workbench as a single point of contact to automatically schedule and efficiently execute CAB meetings.

Request Management

ServiceNow® Request Management delivers employee self-service through a published service catalog, automated workflows, and service level agreements. Mobile capabilities give your employees the freedom to request services from any device at any time - and check that expectations are being met with automated status updates.

Knowledge Management

Improve customer and employee self-service rates and increase service desk staff productivity with contextual knowledge powered by machine learning.

Mobile, Agent Workspace, Virtual Agent & Predictive Intelligence
Mobile App
The central, native app for cross-departmental info, help and requests. Let service desk agents easily select requests, and process them, on the go.

Agent Workspace
Increase the efficiency of your service desk agents with a centralized workspace for rapid response and relevant information in context.

Virtual Agent
Help agents with chatbots that understand simple human language.

Predictive Intelligence
Simplify and accelerate daily work with built-in machine learning.

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