Our journey

ServiceNow® is an incredible platform for digitizing business processes: integrative, unified, flexible and extremely robust.

When I first came into contact with the ServiceNow® platform 15 years ago, it quickly became clear to me that this technology would change the world and revolutionize the world of work for everyone. This was the vision of ServiceNow and its founder Fred Luddy, with whom I had the pleasure of working in 2009.

The enthusiasm for ServiceNow® technology has not waned since then. Rather, the focus of our daily activities is to get the absolute maximum out of the technology for our customers and to constantly develop our offerings further.

Christian Tübing / CEO; Arctive AG

We go the extra mile for you.

Our incentive is to generate the maximum business value for you and to develop individual and custom-fit applications for industry-specific processes:

Control the largest TV network in Switzerland? …built by Arctive experts using ServiceNow® technology.

Automate sensitive B2B processes in the insurance business? …developed by Arctive experts using ServiceNow® technology.

Accompany the energy industry into free competition or establish validated pharmaceutical processes?…supported by Arctive experts using ServiceNow® technology.

Arctive is there when standard is not enough. With our many years of expertise in dealing with cloud-based solutions and ServiceNow® technology, we ensure that our customers can exploit the full potential of the ServiceNow® technology for their business. We offer Swiss quality and operate exclusively in the Swiss market environment. We are familiar with all kinds of requirements, which are defined by regulatory needs as well as technical IT or business specifications. In our projects, we like to work on-site and in (Swiss) German at our customers' premises. This ensures that we understand you exactly and achieve reliable results in a short time. When it comes to project methodology, we take an agile and flexible approach according to our customers' wishes. The Scrum or Kanban methodology enjoy the most popularity in our projects.

«We digitize business processes, create synergies, resolve complexities for our customers - we enable simplicity and efficiency.»

Our service to the point

Arctive AG is a Swiss IT service company specialized in cloud-based and individually tailored solutions  based on the AppEngine and the ServiceNow® SaaS platform and portals. We embrace holistic process digitalization with workflows and are dedicated to the exceptional Swiss quality.
We also offer standard solutions in the area of IT operations management (ITOM, ITSM, CSM) on request.

Our values

Our corporate values are reflected in our products and the way we deliver.


We live inclusion and diversity in the workplace. Our incentive is to create a common understanding for the challenges of our customers and to put ourselves in their corporate philosophy. That way, we know exactly what your goals are and how we can tailor your IT solutions to meet or exceed your expectations.


The integration of our custom applications, PaaS solutions and portals into your environments enables complete embedding without any disadvantages or dependencies for existing specialist IT systems. In fact, we fully exploit the potential of these. Our solutions are sustainable and generate long-term and holistic benefits.


We create sustainable and efficient IT solutions for our customers that enable a pleasant working day and great experiences. We receive smiles in return and this motivates us to give our very best - every day.


Our solutions are a joy to use. Operational core business processes are digitized. Portals enable networked processes across company boundaries and make collaborative working a tangible experience. Joy comes from using our intelligent and adaptive solution and experiencing easier and more productive work days. Time is freed up for inspiration and new innovations.


We have employees who have enshrined diligence, thoroughness, honesty, conscientiousness as their core values. We regularly exceed our promises in terms of quality and timing with our commitment. We are IT specialists with heart and soul.


You can rely on us in every phase, be it the go-live or the hypercare phase. Our solutions influence surrounding IT systems positively and are an integral part of our customers' value chain. Therefore, the reliability of our applications is a particularly high value for us.


Within our structures we live simplicity. Hierarchy does not exist and the management is close to the daily business of our projects.
We create simplicity for our customers, and we always keep this in mind when developing new solutions. In the interest of "simplicity" we often dare to do new things.


Our solutions contribute (fast development time / very good price-performance ratio, Swiss quality) to the desired results our customers demand. Our customers can quickly benefit from applications tailored to them in functionality, clarity, elegance and ease of use. We create solutions with  excellent user experience. To ensure this simplicity in complexity, we go the extra mile for our customers - and we love doing it.

The Arctive Owl 

Why we symbolize our abilities through an owl - where are the parallels of the unique animal with our work?

Annual report 2022

Arctive Ltd. closes the fiscal year 2022 with a solid result.

The year 2022 was challenging for Arctive AG and yet a good result was achieved. The biggest challenge in 2022 was significantly shaped by the war in Ukraine. Its impact on the economy and thus also on the industries of our customers is considerable and has led to uncertainty. Investments in digitization projects were held back, which also influenced the project business of Arctive AG.
Nevertheless, the fiscal year 2022 is basically assessed as solid. Sales are stable and Arctive AG was able to maintain its position as a leading provider of individual ServiceNow solutions in Switzerland and consolidate its footprint in the focus industries.
The employees also benefited from this year's success. Thank you for your great loyalty and your heart and soul for the common company.

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