We meet the challenges of Custom-Service Management (CSM) with custom-fit cloud-based technology.

The challenge of customer service management

  • Increasing customer expectations, which go hand in hand with the demand for location-independent service and continuous availability.
  • The demand for rapid customer problem resolution requires fast access to data.
  • Managing the multitude of different inquiry paths is challenging
  • Creating personalized customer experiences while meeting service level agreements (SLAs) and time is challenging.


The creation of a high level of customer satisfaction as well as an end-to-end customer experience must be ensured through the efficient and proactive handling of customer concerns and beyond.


What is achieved with our CSM solutions?

  • All information necessary for the case manager / customer service employee as well as the history of the customer are contained in a case, thus ensuring a 360° customer view.
  • A knowledge database increases the productivity and efficiency of the service employee and serves as a tool for rapid problem solving. In addition, uncomplicated, rapid contact with the responsible field service employees is possible with just one click.
  • The omni-channel function offers the possibility to contact the customer via multiple channels (email, phone, chat or social media).
  • Service processes are digitized and automated, guiding both customers and customer service representatives through case processing in a cross-team and simple way.
  • Employees and team leaders benefit from clear customer analyses, intelligence-based forecasts, and the mapping of true service quality.
  • The CSM can be easily integrated into existing system landscapes such as SAP and Syrius, among others.

We understand the importance of customer service

Our solution provides the ability to forecast and analyze customers and increase your customer count without disrupting your daily operations.

From customer interaction monitoring to account management mapping, from omni-channel integration to a unified data management platform, our automated customer experience solution allows you to make your digital transformation practical. So you can deliver the service your customers demand.

Customer service features

Well thought-out customer service increases customer satisfaction, boosts customer loyalty and thus secures sales in the long term:

Case Management
Customer center
Playbooks for Customer Service
Virtual Agent & Predictive Intelligence
Agent Workspace & Advanced Work Assignment
Case Management

Manage interactions and SLAs, model relationships between accounts, and leverage asset allocation to customers and maintain a 360° view of your customers.

Customer center

Provide service desk staff with a single view of internal and external customer data to make their jobs easier. Provide your customers with customized portals so they can resolve their issues quickly, while delivering an outstanding customer experience.


Support customers via the web, phone, chat or messaging, email, in person or with the support of virtual intelligent agents. No matter which channel your customers use, you get a unified and consistent picture to provide optimal support.

Playbooks for Customer Service

Manage case flows across teams by digitizing and automating common service processes. This way, customers and internal employees are easily guided through the completion process.

Virtual Agent & Predictive Intelligence

Improve customers' self-service experience by using chatbots. This way, they are always reachable, even when your employees go to sleep.

With machine learning, you can classify and route issues, recommend solutions, and identify trends early.

Agent Workspace & Advanced Work Assignment

Increase service desk staff productivity through guided resolution, multitasking, and optimal support with relevant information gathered in a clear workspace.

Automatically route requests and orders to the most appropriate agent based on criteria or affinity to the case. This increases customer satisfaction.

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