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Arctive.ENERGY accompanies the energy sector!

The energy world is currently facing a multitude of fundamental challenges. Digitization, decentralization, grid convergence, security of supply, climate-friendly electromobility, and ensuring smart metering systems are THE buzzwords.

We create process automation for all!

The Arctive.ENERGY platform is an industry-specific solution in the energy sector, e.g. for energy network operators. It provides a unified solution for everyone in the team: builders, validators, installation staff, technical experts, area managers and management.

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    Max Eugster

    Lead Expert, Head of Arctive.ENERGY

  • 80% of business processes can be fully automated.

  • Manual processing time can be reduced by 90% through automation and self-service.

  • A customized portal that can be fully integrated into the existing system landscape.

Arctive is an active full member of the Association for Electrical, Energy and Information Technology.

Arctive is an active full member of the Association of Swiss Electricity Companies VSE.


Strategic decision basis
Intuitive reports provide an accurate basis for decision-making. Strategic considerations can be underpinned with objective figures. Automatically generated dashboards enable efficient portfolio management and allow benchmarking.

Consistent, efficient processes

The standardized and regulated processes of swiss energy network operators for planning, construction or the control & check mechanisms are automated. This reduces the workload for employees, improves the error rate and frees up valuable resources.

Employee and customer satisfaction increase.

Web-based and mobile

Thanks to the ServiceNow® technology, no software needs to be installed. Arctive.ENERGY can be used from anywhere directly in the browser and impresses with its clear user guidance. It is available for  mobile devices too.

Training effort is minimal.

Better and transparent collaboration

Arctive.ENERGY allows interdisciplinary, improved collaboration even across multiple departments and systems. The common data model allows all involved players to be informed and current  status at any time. Whether building owner, electrical installer, independent inspectors: all are informed about the current status of work at any time.

Arctive.ENERGY enables data actuality, data transparency and a practicable data access management. Productivity as well as motivation of employees increases, which in turn is reflected in improved customer satisfaction.

Automatic document dispatch
Arctive.ENERGY can send letter mail fully automatically according to your corporate identity specifications. Mass mailing or individual letters, everything runs digitized and monitored. You can practically print «into the mailbox of your customers». Both standard letters, flyers, info sheets, delivery bills, etc. can be printed.

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