Reach your goal with the 3*3 approach

Digital transformation must be quick and efficient. Our customers - from a wide range of industries - must ensure that their chosen approach work the way they need it to. Not after many months of project development, immediately. Before important decisions are taken.

Arctive supports this proof with our 3*3 approach.

In just three hours, we will work with you to develop a live demonstrative solution to your challenge.
You not only see the result, but also experience first-hand how Arctive experts work with ServiceNow technology. How adjustments are made quickly and easily. You will get a first impression. Once you are convinced, we will prove the chosen solution approach in a proof-of-concept which we deliver in just three days at a fixed price.
The proof-of-concept is tried, tested and "put through its paces" by you, your subject matter experts and whatever users you choose. We can import and use parts of your own data in a PoC. If you then decide to implement it, we will develop the PoC into a production-ready solution that can go live within in 3 months. This includes technical implementation with documentation and security, data protection and integration with your core systems. We also ensure training of your employees, go-live support / hypercare and our ongoing availability if you so choose.

3 Hours

We build...

a live solution specific to one of your real use cases within three hours.

3 Days

We prove...

the feasibility of your solution and build your prototype in three days.

3 Months

We create...

your production-ready solution and celebrate a successful go-live together in three months.

Industry Focus

We are IT industry experts for web applications serving the demanding industry segments of the energy, pharma/life science and insurance. They all have very high quality standards in common and need to ensure strict regulatatory compliance.

Automated workflows and customer portals for energy companies and energy network operators.

Validated processes and project support for pharma and life sciences as well as process automation honoring GMP requirements.

Compatible B2B solutions and workflows for insurers such as end-to-end claims portals, efficient underwriting processes or improved processing automation.


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