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We help you to vitalize your business processes and provide you with reliable and comprehensive support after go-live.

We support you in the design of your business processes. We help redefine your processes in agile teams. Using a structured and  comprehensive approach, we put you on the digital road to success. We use proven and innovative methods from process, quality and change management. Our main focus is on automating your value chain. Your challenges are our driving force.

Complex business processes and increasing networking?

We automate processes across company boundaries.

Increasing speed of innovation cycles?

We provide strategic support and automation to accelerate your innovation release processes.

Rising operating expenses?

We reduce operating expenses and relieve your people through automation and artificial intelligence.

 We advise you.

Arctive Advice

We advise you and put you on the road to digital success. We are there to help you with your digital transformation challenges. We analyze your processes, uncover potentials and inefficiencies in existing processes. Through this, we enable synergies and prepare your process landscape and workflows for automation.


In the following, we talk about your objective and focus topics in your organization. In our conversation, we highlight the weak points and discuss possible reasons. The focus is on optimizing the strategically relevant processes as well as amortizing the costs of digitization and generating efficiency gains in day-to-day business.

We build your solution.

Arctive Build

We build your solution. Our focus is the development of individual business applications and portals based on ServiceNow® technology. We operate on the AppEngine, Customer Service, IT Operations, IT Service Management and Service Portfolio Management Products of ServiceNow.


We are subject matter experts in the following areas:

  • End-to-end custom solutions with the ServiceNow® AppEngine (business solutions, portals, workflows, integrations).
  • IT operations management such as IT operations, IT service management as well as custom service management or service portfolio management
  • Tool extensions of the technology with the robust and time-saving Arctive StoreApps

We care about you.

Arctive Care

We accompany you after go-live, because we maintain what we have created. Since we often create mission-critical applications, we know how to ensure the corresponding support for our solutions. In case of release changes or new system requirements, you can rely on our expertise and support.


When we hand over a project to you, we always ensure that the solution is solid and secure in operation. We make sure the processes are lived and your team is highly trained. But over time, unfortunately, discipline often wears off, release changes require specific expertise, and requirements change with time and experience. In short, your ServiceNow® environment needs maintenance for certain things that ServiceNow® Support cannot cover. Or you would like to have the good feeling to continue to have uncomplicated access to our experts?  Arctive Care is here to cover your back, so to speak the Spitex for your ServiceNow®.

With flexible modules, Arctive Care can be tailored exactly to your needs. It ideally connects to projects. Arctive Care is an annual contract and no, we don't force you into automatic renewal (our customers renew because they love the value).

We empower you.

Arctive Academy

Our consulting team of experienced ServiceNow top experts guides you through the discovery process of digital solutions and their challenges. Arctive Academy's service offering is particularly aimed at directors and C-levels who are looking for fast and targeted advice in order to be able to face the questions of digitalization and transformation in a solid manner. We ensure that they are up to date in the area of cloud-based platforms, new feature introductions, know-how transformation but also on current topics.


Our experience has shown that the best quality of consulting can be ensured through bilateral exchanges, but also through half-day workshops or in an informal format such as a business breakfast. The consulting tailored to them lets them become digital experts in a short time, as we are happy to share our knowledge and industry-specific experience values with them.

Are you already a user of a ServiceNow® solution and need support?

Then we have the following service packages for you.

We save you in case of emergency.

Arctive Rescue

We rescue you in emergencies. With our rescue services, we diagnose and fix the root causes of severe problems with your ServiceNow® environment. With our many years of expertise and our own technical tools, we analyze and eliminate the cause permanently. We are there for you instantly in the event of an emergency.


Do you have a "broken" ServiceNow® instance?

There are various reasons for this, and we have seen them all in the last 15+ years. With our recovery services, we analyze such problems and fix them together with you. We use our proven two-phase approach, years of expertise and proprietary tools to quickly understand, reliably identify root causes and take targeted and sustainable action. Even on-site at short notice.

If you have an acute emergency and are not yet a Rescue customer, please contact our managing director directly on the cell phone 7*24 and we will fix the emergency immediately.

We review.

Arctive Review

We review your existing system configuration in a way only a very experienced to expert can. We can traget the areas of security, performance, configuration and in-house developments. We analyze the implemented configuration and compare it with your target goals, pointing out opportunities for improvement.


In a comprehensive report, we compile all relevant information around your ServiceNow® environment and provide a detailed analysis including practical recommendations for action.

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