(In)sures the digital transformation

Arctive.INSURANCE accompanies the insurance industry.

The insurance industry is currently facing a multitude of fundamental challenges. Hybrid customers, individual pricing, on-demand and modular insurance models, artificial intelligence, increasing networking and increased interface management are THE buzzwords.

We digitize your value chain!

The Arctive.INSURANCE platform is an industry-specific solution for the insurance sector. It is built on ServiceNow®, which is widely used worldwide. In Switzerland, more than 200 companies are using it.

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    Philemon Antony

    Lead Expert, Head of Arctive.INSURANCE

  • Processing time is reduced from one to two days to a few hours per claim.

  • Increased delivery reliability through faster response to claims. Improved customer satisfaction through faster processing of the case.

  • Comprehensive reporting enable better contract negotiations with partners - for claims handling and management or with service providers like logistics companies.


Simple integration
Arctive.INSURANCE allows transparent and easy integration with internal systems such as Syrius, among others, and provides a uniform, simple interface for all users. The regular upgrades of the ServiceNow® technology are painless.

User friendly
Arctive.INSURANCE impresses with clear guidance and user-friendliness. Our modules are available mobile too. Thanks to state-of-the-art web technology, no software needs to be installed. Arctive.INSURANCE can be used directly in the browser -  anywhere, any time.

Process efficiency saves time
Standardization of workflows, e.g. in claims processing or underwriting, a user-friendly application interface and transparent workflows ensure efficiency and save time.

End-to-end processes
The standardized processes in claims handling, benefits processing or underwriting are all automated. Automating internal workflows reduces the workload for employees, improves error rates and saves  time. Employee and customer satisfaction increase.

Efficient complaint management
With Arctive.INSURANCE, you succeed in ensuring smooth complaint management through artificial intelligence. Predefined templates form an intelligent basis for the review of insurance claims. Predefined and flexible flow of work improves the efficiency and experience staff handling the cases.

Intelligent customer portals
Intuitive operation and pre-defined UIs  enable necessary data to be captured while ensuring a good customer experience. Preliminary checks, risk assessments or benefit claims can be processed directly by the relevant specialist department quickly and efficiently and save time and effort.

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