Quickly identify and resolve business service issues and compliance risks.

The challenge of IT operations management

  • Increasing networking and complexity of IT operations and IT development.
  • The rapid growth of IT landscapes and the integration of new technologies is challenging. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure high quality.
  • The data quality in the configuration management database (CMDB) is a central prerequisite for this - but it often does not meet the required standards.


Efficient management of costs, performance, security, and capacity of data center infrastructures and services is essential.


What is achieved with our IT Operations Management solutions?

  • Automated discovery and mapping of relevant applications, services, and infrastructures greatly simplifies service management and thus the delivery of services to your customers.
  • A dashboard maps the various interactions, relationships and dependencies within your organization.
  • Create a transparent view of software license usage costs and identify potential consolidation and rationalization of operational costs.
  • Reliable and transparent CMDB through real-time data, automatic updating and visualization of service mapping (relationships between IT components, cloud services and dynamic business processes are shown).
  • Rapid identification and remediation of compliance risks.
  • Regular review of IT asset inventory is performed at each stage of the IT lifecycle (end-of-life and end-of-sale).
  • Early detection of potential business service issues using predictive and operational intelligence so that downtime or negative impact on surrounding systems can be prevented.
  • Smooth transition during cloud migrations through visibility within the infrastructure and application landscape.
  • Ensures a stable foundation for IT service management, software asset management, customer service management, among others.

Escalating cost - solved:

ITOM gives you a clear view of your real costs and the evidence you need to manage your internal stakeholders and external providers.

For example, you can view software license usage and identify overspending and underperforming processes - and candidates for automation. We can highlight a sprawl of uncontrolled cloud costs and show you opportunities for consolidation. ServiceNow® ITOM streamlines and reduces your operations management toolkit.

Risk management and compliance - solved:

Protecting your data assets from loss, theft or unauthorized access is an operational priority. But if you don't even know your data assets or where they are stored, how can you protect them?

ServiceNow® ITOM helps you quickly identify compliance risks and find ways to address them. We audit and assess compliance across your entire IT estate at every stage of the IT lifecycle - including end-of-life and end-of-sale - as well as common vulnerabilities.

Highest quality of service - ensured:

Downtime directly impacts revenue, and prevention is better than cure. You need to be able to see the interaction between services and supporting IT to identify potential failures early.

We can gain deep insight into each business service and the IT that supports it, so you can identify and resolve potential issues earlier.
We can better understand and optimize your business services in terms of IT services.

Digital Transformation – secured:

The more your IT strategy advances, the more your infrastructure shifts to the cloud. Digital transformation requires better insight into infrastructure and applications.

Make your transition to the data-driven enterprise smoother by understanding your current infrastructure and what needs to be in place to support cloud migration. Our solution gives you access to the information you need to improve your sourcing strategy, for example.

Features of ITOM

Investing in the ITOM platform solves immediate problems and brings long-term benefits through the following simplifications.

Total overview of your operations locally and in the cloud
Service Mapping
Relationships between IT components and dynamic business processes
Event Management
Mastering data floods from monitoring systems
Operational health
View process health and identify anomalies with AIOps and AI
Hybride Infrastructure
Minimieren Sie Risiken und Kosten durch Self-Services
Total overview of your operations locally and in the cloud

Get complete visibility into your resources on-premises and in the cloud. Track changes that occur on premise, in the cloud, and in serverless infrastructure in the Configuration Management Database (CMDB). Establish a stable foundation with accurate data and relationship views for ITSM Change Management, Software Asset Management, Customer Service Management, Security Operations, etc.

Service Mapping
Relationships between IT components and dynamic business processes

Gain insight into

The infrastructures that drive your business services. Accurate service mapping uses traffic-based discovery and infrastructure information in the ServiceNow® Configuration Management Database (CMDB) to view the mix and relationships of applications, IT components, and cloud services.

Faster than manual approaches, you get guidance through the process of mapping multiple services simultaneously. Mappings are automatically updated as changes occur in applications, infrastructure and cloud services. This creates a service-oriented view and increases the availability of business services.

Event Management
Mastering data floods from monitoring systems

Reduce the flood of events generated by monitoring tools using predictive intelligence, such as machine learning techniques to correlate events and create actionable alerts and incidents.

Find the root cause of IT operations issues much faster and reduce Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) by leveraging service mapping and operational intelligence.

The Operator workspace provides a single view where you can see scaled service performance, access associated alerts, and view detailed information on how to resolve issues.

Operational health
View process health and identify anomalies with AIOps and AI

Proactively analyze the performance behavior of your IT infrastructure to spot service degradations. Machine learning intelligence analyzes operational metrics about the IT infrastructure that could cause service outages, both on-premises and in multi-cloud environments. As an add-on application for Event Management, Operational Intelligence is an important preventive component to eliminate service outages.

Hybride Infrastructure
Minimieren Sie Risiken und Kosten durch Self-Services

IT services today can come from anywhere, but still need to be delivered and maintained at the operational level in on-premises and cloud-based environments. The business demands of complex infrastructures with their extensive application dependencies can impact the speed and quality of service delivery.

Optimize operations and extend the power of Now Platform® to accelerate your cloud strategy with an on-demand service environment that improves cloud utilization, reduces costs, automates recommendations, and applies actions automatically. Benefit from right-sizing and shutdown by business hours, see which users are using which resources, and simplify approvals and infrastructure governance to support native cloud environments.

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