Product Management, Senior Expert

«I ensure that our products meet market's demands even before the market requests them.»

When it came to choosing her field of study, Martina opted for a degree in a subject she was deeply interested in. After completing her master's degree in Slavic language and literature at the University of Zurich and an exciting exchange semester in Zagreb, her path led her into the IT industry. Working for a Swiss software company, she gained experience in project and, most importantly, product management, learning to align customer needs with technical implementations. Analytical thinking, defining requirements, and creating user stories are among Martina's strengths. Since entering the IT industry, her interest in software development within computer science has been ignited, and she takes great pleasure in translating customer needs into solutions.

In her free time, Martina can be found on the sidelines of a handball court, cheering on a women's team after having played actively and competitively herself for many years. Literature continues to be a part of her life after her studies, providing a relaxing balance, as does her newfound passion for yoga.

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