Visual Kit®

Goodbye data chaos, clarity in an instant. Complex things presented simply in ServiceNow®.

The Visual Kit® visualizes hierarchical relationships in an impressive way. It provides a comprehensive overview of the hierarchy structure and ensures transparency in the data. Clear structures not only make working with information more efficient, but also more pleasant.

Use Cases visualised in compact form


Display your data hierarchically and across any number of levels simply and clearly. Thanks to the versatile configuration options, you can specifically highlight particularly important information.


Nothing stands in the way of efficient data processing. Use the actions directly in the overview to make adjustments immediately according to the stored configuration. You can also use your existing UI actions for this.


Would you like to find out more about a data record? No problem - with one click, it opens automatically in the workspace and all its information appears at a glance.

The product features at a glance

  • The special feature of the Visual Kit® is that it can be used directly on the NowPlatform and across different tables. This means that complex connections between different data sets can be easily displayed without losing clarity.
  • The automatic hierarchy display in the form of a tree structure with appealing aesthetics makes it easier to understand complex relationships and simplifies the search for specific data.
  • Even complex models can be easily configured using the Visual Kit and displayed platform-wide.
  • Clear structures make working with the information not only more efficient, but also more pleasant.

Overall, the Visual Kit® impresses with its versatility, intuitive usability and clear structure. It makes it easier to deal with hierarchical relationships and ensures clarity in the presentation of complex information. The Visual Kit not only makes work more productive, but also more enjoyable.

Technical insights

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