Swiss Tool®

Supercharge for your Service Portal!

When developing a service portal in ServiceNow, you will quickly reach your limits with the standard widgets for forms and tables. Swiss Tool® is a collection of helpful service portal widgets that close exactly these gaps and enable you to develop a powerful service portal in ServiceNow in a short time. Increase your productivity and reduce maintenance efforts with SwissTool - the unique approach for complex use cases in service portals!

The product features at a glance

Swiss Tool uses our unique approach that leverages OOTB widgets (form/data table) and extends their functionality without the need to clone widgets. This ensures upgradability when the underlying widgets change. Never again will your service portal break down after new versions - the portal is simpler and more robust than ever before!

  • With Swiss Tool you can easily create complex use cases in your service portals without cloning or maintaining widgets. Swiss Tool uses a unique approach where functionality is layered on top of the existing form and data table widget. This ensures that updates to these widgets are always applied when an instance is patched or upgraded, and significantly reduces the effort required to maintain cloned widgets. Features are configured using a no-code/low-code approach.
  • Extend your form and use the Swiss Tool form widget in your service portals to display process information with a process flow, support form annotations, support tabbed forms, support embedded and related lists and client-side logic in your UI actions. With SwissTool, you can easily and quickly customize and optimize your processes and forms.
  • Enhance your data table with the SwissTool data table widget and give your service portals a professional touch. Thanks to conditional styling, you can customize your data tables and add buttons with client-side logic to your lists. Open data table records in modal dialogs and use many other useful extensions.
  • The Swiss Tool Attachment Widget makes attachment handling a breeze. Set attachment types, define rules for mandatory attachments and group documents into folders. Related attachments are clearly displayed and attachments can be easily pasted via the clipboard or moved via drag & drop. Swiss Tool is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to manage their data tables and attachments easily and effectively.
  • Improve your buttons with Swiss Tool! This innovative tool not only provides you with support for client-side UI actions in data tables and forms, but also allows you to set icons and colors for your buttons and show/hide or enable/disable form buttons via UI policies. With the Swiss Tool you can customize the appearance of your buttons and adapt them to your needs.
    • The Swiss Tool can be used not only in the Service Portal, but also works in the classic user interface. So you can be sure that your buttons look consistent and appealing everywhere. By using UI guidelines, you can also ensure that your buttons always comply with the latest standards and thus provide an optimal user experience.
    • But the Swiss Tool can do even more! You can add user criteria to your service portals to automatically redirect users away from a portal if no matching criteria are found. This way you can ensure that your portals are only used by the right users, protecting your data and information.

Swiss Tool is the ideal solution for companies that want to optimize their service portals. Enriching them with user-friendly interfaces is fast and efficient. Swiss Tool does not require any in-depth programming knowledge, so you will soon benefit from a powerful service portal in ServiceNow. Trust in SwissTool and increase your productivity!

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