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Supercharge for your Service Portal!

When you create a service portal for a custom application, some features are not supported when you work with OOTB widgets such as the form or data table widget. Swiss Tool uses both OOTB widgets and standalone widgets and allows you to create powerful service portals for custom applications with advanced features.

Swiss Tool uses our unique approach that leverages OOTB widgets (form/data table) and extends their functionality without the need to clone widgets. This ensures upgradability when the underlying widgets change. Never again will your service portal break down after new versions - the portal is simpler and more robust than ever before!

  • Process Flow in Service Portal Forms
  • Embedded and related lists in service portal forms
  • Client-side buttons for service portal forms so you can display confirmation dialogs or perform redirects after a UI action is clicked
  • Significantly improve attachment handling with our file management widgets:
    • Group your files into folders and drag and drop to move them around
    • Specify types for attachments
    • Configure mandatory attachments and define rules for them
    • Display Related Records attachments in the service portal
  • Enable OOTB form annotations in service portal forms
  • Style the fields of a data table depending on conditions (just like Field Styles for Classic UI)
  • Simplify styling of UI actions in the portal and in the Classic UI
  • Dynamically show/hide or enable/disable UI actions via UI policies in the portal and classic UI

Various improvements to the OOTB data table widget, such as:

    • Opening records in modal dialogs
    • Finally correct display of HTML fields in data tables
    • Adding buttons to lists
    • Show/hide fields dynamically depending on screen size
    • Make data tables collapsible on click

Swiss Tool and its abilities

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