PDF Bird®

Create styled and branded PDFs in ServiceNow®.

In many organizations, it is necessary to generate PDFs based on specific data from ServiceNow. Although PDF generation is possible with ServiceNow's OOTB features, it requires scripting knowledge. It also requires having a well-structured template. The capabilities of traditional custom solutions are limited in terms of conditions and flexibility. In addition, failures of mid-servers in mass dispatch lead to massive effort and customer satisfaction turns into customer complaints. And necessary connections from different systems increase the complexity of the overall solution.

PDF Bird is independent of mid-servers and reduces error-proneness by using one technology, namely ServiceNow, and ensures perfect integration into the existing system landscape. PDF Bird combines all requirements in a single, easy-to-use application that allows users to create PDF templates without code. Together with the flow action that PDF Bird provides, it is possible to create content-rich PDFs with little to no programming knowledge within ServiceNow.

  • PDFs can be quickly and flexibly tailored to customer needs in the ServiceNow portal.
  • Standardization of IT components saves IT resources and configuration effort.
  • Extensive dynamic PDF documents can be created without complex coding. This saves development time and eliminates the need for programming and scripting skills.
  • Dependencies on third-party vendors and their limited support services and high licensing and maintenance costs are eliminated.
  • PDF Bird is verified by ServiceNow and immediately available.
  • The flexibility of the conditions allow a high degree of document customization.
  • Additional information can be easily integrated into a document.
  • Operational reliability is ensured during release changes. No maintenance is required, as this is included in the Arctive service package.
  • Use of ONE technology, namely ServiceNow, allows an embedded and consistent integration.
  • PDF Bird enables the design and creation of PDF documents.
  • The design follows the no-code principles of out-of-the-box (OOTB) email notifications.
  • PDF generation is done via special button or can be done via flow action provided by the application, which are integrated into existing flows.
  • Branded PDF documents based on templates.
  • Design of PDF documents according to corporate CI.
  • PDF document creation within business processes.
  • PDF templates: Form fields in templates can be filled with custom content.
  • HTML templates: Data from ServiceNow can be compiled in a user-defined file.
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