Letter Bird®

Send letter post directly from ServiceNow®

In many countries around the globe, invoices or notifications such as payment reminders or other documents must be physically sent for legal or regulatory reasons. With the Letter Bird® app, any documents can be sent directly as a letter - even by registered mail. Thanks to the international network, this is efficient, cost-effective and resource-saving. Documents can be triggered either via a workflow action (Flow Designer) or the user-friendly «LetterBird® Wizard».

LetterBird and its functionalities

Kampagnen und Massenversand

OnDemand Versand

Dashboard und Reporting

Technik und Betrieb der Lösung

For regulatory reasons, a company must deliver certain documents by mail to your customers in a traceable manner. Before LetterBird®, these had to be manually created, printed and packed into envelopes daily, and handed over to the local processor. Now, a flow takes over the automatic dispatch including tracking. For exceptions that occur, a right-click is all that is needed and the letter dispatch service is automatically triggered individually in the background for these cases. The company now also uses the integrated flow for invoice dispatch to send these letters automatically on a monthly basis. Additional use cases such as short-term information dispatch can now be handled via LetterBird®.


  • LetterBird® is seamlessly integrated with your ServiceNow® instance.
  • Use the flow actions provided by the app to send documents anywhere in the world.
  • Send documents individually and directly from any record in ServiceNow® with our simple wizard.


  • Use the dashboard to monitor the delivery process.
  • Track and optimize your spend in real time.
  • Automate your business processes and integrate mail delivery into these processes.


  • Manage sending speeds such as Priority or Economy on a per-process or even per-document basis.
  • Automatically recognize addresses and validate that your letters are formatted correctly.
  • Configure our flow actions to meet the needs of your specific processes.
  • LetterBird® is suitable for large-scale marketing campaigns as well as for reminder processes or the delivery of individual documents or invoices.
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