Deployment Guide®

Improves and extends the deployment process

The Deployment Guide® serves as a user-friendly interface for documenting and reviewing deployments and handles the verification of specific actions. The Guide allows you to track and manage documents, check performance, and control release notes.

  • User-friendly interface for documentation and verification of implementations.
  • Semi-automatic verification of certain actions (e.g., can check whether an update set or application version has been installed in a particular instance).
  • Ensuring naming conventions by specifying regular expressions for distribution and element names.
  • Defining the order and prerequisites for deployment items to ensure that dependencies are enforced.
  • Support for multiple development teams.
  • Support for all types of instance configurations (e.g. DEV/PROD, DEV/TEST/PROD, DEV/TEST/QUALITY/PROD).
  • 9 predefined element types and 5 element type checks to cover most scenarios
  • Easily extensible by adding your own element types
  • Customizable verification logic for each element and instance
  • Automatic sending of release notes upon completion of a deployment

Technical insights

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