Are you already printing to your customers' mailboxes?


You ask yourself how should this work? And especially for players in the energy supply sector who are exposed to strong legal regulations and these do not stop at customer communication. For example, the Swiss Federal Inspectorate for Heavy Current Installations (ESTI) recommends that reminders for periodic inspections be sent by registered mail. With LetterBird, a fully automated digital and yet physical dispatch is possible, including tracking. Be it for bulk mailings, registered mail or a letter dispatch abroad.

With Letter Bird, fully automated digital yet physical shipping is possible, including tracking. Be it for bulk mailings, registered mail or a letter dispatch abroad.

Nowadays, digital communication channels are heavily geared towards email or in-app messages. These purely digital channels are not always suitable for the various areas of responsibility of an energy supply company (EVU). In the grid area, an EVU takes care of grid connection contracts, objections to building applications, complaints with claims for damages, approvals for EEA installations or delivery bills for smart meters. The postal channel is essential for some EVU areas of responsibility. We are digitizing this analog route for our customers and generating the digital mailbox. How does it work?

Letter Bird

Our solution, the Letter Bird App, generates a personalized PDF based on the underlying process and a template. For this purpose, the master data on business partner information for address data as well as details from the process (e.g. periodic inspection, authorization for energy generation plants) are transferred to generate a personalized and standardized PDF. A central function is the letter address. This must be positioned to match the viewing window of an envelope. This is ensured by standard templates. The PDF is then digitally transferred to an external print and dispatch center (REST API). This prints, folds, packs and sends the document automatically. Of course, options such as dispatch speed (A Mail, B Mail, registered mail), duplex, coloring (color or black and white) or personalized envelopes (e.g. with company logo) can be transferred here. The specialist does not have to do anything actively - he works task-based and in the background the corresponding letters are automatically sent in the desired configuration for the defined process steps. In this way, PDFs can be printed simply and easily into the customer's mailbox, so to speak.

Of course, other functions such as tracking and reporting of the shipment, are ensured. In the area of periodic checks, it can happen that, for example, the owner has changed. The letter can therefore not be delivered because the address is not correct. In case of non-delivery, LetterBird automatically creates a task for the subject matter expert, who can check and adjust the data in the land register - increasing data quality as well as time efficiency. Bulk mailing (a cover sheet is automatically generated) or individual mailing is also possible. We have two demo videos for this:
Mass Mailing 

Individual Mailing

The EVU processes as well as the demands about the choice of the appropriate communication channel are versatile. LetterBird meets these demands and offers simplicity, automation and efficiency at the same time. The Letter Bird app was developed for the ServiceNow platform.

- Max Eugster

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