Payroll reporting: Cloud saves time, money and nerves


We at Arctive Ltd., give the reader community of an exemplary insight into the digitalization world of payroll reporting

In payroll accounting, outdated IT specialist systems with paper forms lead to inefficient processes and duplications with increased susceptibility to errors. Cloud-based technologies offer a solution. The Swiss Association of Master Builders has recently completed the changeover. As an implementation partner, we provide an insight by way of example. The article was published on September 8 in the trade journal penso.

The key takeaways from the article are::

  • Cloud-based technologies are characterized by their workflow-supported processes and their automation. Standard processes can thus be digitized and migrated quickly, flexibly and individually.
  • This creates transparency and an increase in the quality of processes through their harmonization and streamlining. The administrative effort for all stakeholders can be perceptibly reduced through a user-friendly customer portal.
  • Thanks to automated processes, employees are relieved of routine work and can devote themselves to more complex tasks.

Ultimately, it is clear that digitization has become indispensable in the social insurance sector and in public institutions. The use of new technologies and innovations is an important cornerstone for countering future developments on the labor market, such as the shortage of skilled workers. The shift from case worker to case manager is taking place. The job profile for clerks in payroll and collections will change significantly. Typing information on physically available forms and applications into the IT specialist systems will no longer be necessary. Instead, the time freed up can be used to process complex issues and ultimately live the work as a case manager.

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