The digitalization of grid processes in the reporting system of energy suppliers


Arctive Ltd. implements an important thrust of the Swiss Energy Strategy 2050 with the e2050 initiative, especially with regard to energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and power grids. During a live demo on 09 March 2023, the cloud-based success story of the renowned energy supplier CKW was presented. Interested personalities and stakeholders from the energy industry exchanged ideas with the Arctive experts at the event in a relaxed atmosphere.

Max Eugster, proven expert for the power grid processes of Swiss energy companies, presented the successful business case. In the customer project - together with CKW - 80% of the business processes in the grid area, especially in the reporting, could be automated. The manual processing time for connection applications, installation notifications and safety verifications was significantly reduced and data quality increased. The new CKW grid portal with its smart forms offers user-friendly and automated handling of processes, resulting in greater efficiency and less personnel required for these processes.

The solution is flexible and scalable and fully integrated with internal systems (e.g. SAP, NIS, d3, etc.). The utility's collaboration with its business partners is digitally optimized, simplified and automated. Documents such as permits are automatically sent digitally or by mail without manual interaction.

Afterwards, Adrian Alioski, Managing Director of the e2050 platform, gave a short insight into the e2050 platform for Swiss utilities. E2050 is a state-of-the-art service that is modular and can be quickly deployed for individual processes or a whole bundle of processes in a fast and straightforward way. Arctive AG's e2050 platform is highly efficient and will also be available for other processes such as electricity, water, district heating and gas.

The showcase presented demonstrates that our ServiceNow based technology does not dictate the process landscape of grid operators, but rather maps the reality of grid operators in an automated way and relieves resources. This enables a well thought-out process landscape as a whole, where automation and intelligent support of workflows simplifies working life for everyone.

After the presentation, there was the opportunity to discuss open questions, suggestions and individual company situations during a joint lunch.


With e2050, Arctive Ltd. implements important thrusts of the Energy Strategy 2050 and offers an innovative and scalable solution for energy supply companies. The ServiceNow based solution enables a well thought-out, efficient process organization with automated workflows. Resources are relieved, quality and compliance are increased, and working life becomes more pleasant for everyone involved.

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