Digitization of the OASI / social insurance

The digitization of wage reports for the Swiss social system has begun. Our solution is characterized by the simplest operation and device independence (mobile, tablet, etc.). Paper processing is reduced and at the same time the speed of the core processes is accelerated.

Solution characteristics

  • Digitization of wage reports for the Swiss social system. 
  • Ease of use and device independence (mobile, tablet, etc.) as well as dramatically less paper processing lead to more speed and less manpower.
  • Secure integration with core systems eliminates errors and duplication.
  • Multi-client capability allows any number of social insurance companies to use the system simultaneously.

Only a few hours

Instead of days to process the pay distribution.

Under three months

from solution conception and development to productive availability for the clerks.

A platform

on which payroll processes can be brought together and processed in one place.
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