CKW network portal (distribution network operator and energy supplier)

CKW Group worked with us as a ServiceNow® Premier Partner to develop a customized «Self-Service Solution for the Networks Business Unit». We used the Now Platform together with CKW to fully streamline and digitize the processing. Through the portal, notifications and requests can be easily reported at any time, with the intelligence of the solution ensuring that only necessary and valid data is reported. They are then processed by the relevant CKW specialists. In this way, the service for CKW customers has been further accelerated and improved, and transparency has been created over the entire process.

Solution characteristics

  • Intelligent «self-service» portal for owners, installers and controllers.
  • Intelligent forms prevent errors and promote data economy.
  • Workflows support internal clerks and enable process transparency.
  • Integration with CKW core systems such as SAP, d.3.
  • PDF generation and letter dispatch have been fully automated.


of business processes in the network sector offer fully automated support.


control the flow of business transaction processing.

Faster service

Reduction of processing time by 80% and of manual processing time by 90% - with increased quality.
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