B2B portal for international moving claims

The Baloise Group's B2B insurance customers include a major customer that maintains agencies and branches worldwide. Employees are further developed internationally via expat programs. When employees move and their belongings are damaged or destroyed, a claim is easily and securely submitted to the Baloise Group via the new portal. Previously, these claims were handled with paper forms, letters, phone calls and emails. This resulted in slow, time-consuming and labor-intensive processes.

Baloise Group worked with us as a ServiceNow® Premier Partner to develop a customized "move portal" on the Now Platform to fully streamline and digitize claims processing with workflows. Through the portal, claims can be reported anywhere, anytime with the best customer experience. They are then forwarded to the responsible claim handlers, checked in an uncomplicated and reliable manner, and settled quickly.

Solution characteristics

  • Modern, appealingly intelligent portal for expats, offers process transparency and optimal support for internal clerks for fast processing.
  • Intuitive operation, excellent user experience and transparent integration with internal specialist systems.
  • All important documents are stored on the claims portal and the data can be used for audits and documentation purposes.

Only a few hours

instead of days to process and settle claims.

Under three months

from solution conception and development to productive availability for expats and claims handlers.

One platform

on which all claims can be recorded and processed in one place, regardless of time

Data protection notice

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