Wage declarations via self-service portal and end-to-end debt collection at Consimo and AK66

SwissTool® and NoCodePDF® successfully used at Consimo and AK66 - A success story about trustful collaboration between the client, project management, and the implementation team

AK66 is the compensation fund for members of the Swiss Federation of Master Builders (SBV) and provides 1st pillar social insurance services. In addition, AK66 is responsible for collecting contributions for flexible retirement (FAR), as well as collecting contributions and paying out benefits in the context of the implementation financing and career promotion (Parifonds Bau). These services are combined under the brand name "Consimo".

Arctive implemented a declaration and collection platform based on Standard ServiceNow® for Consimo (a brand of the AK66 compensation fund). The solution includes a user-friendly portal for the Swiss construction industry, in which wage declarations can be easily recorded and submitted for processing. The submitted wage declarations are validated using public and non-public data and then processed fully automatically. The solution integrates Swiss registers, Abacus as a financial system and Microsoft Dynamics and thus processes the collection for the tasks assigned to the more than 9,000 connected Swiss construction companies in a fully automated and holistic manner.

The result is impressive: the first parts of the solution were put into operation on 01.06.2023 and 01.09.2023, and after just 22 months the entire project was finally accepted on time and on budget in March 2024 as planned and went into regular operation without any problems.

After 22 months of project work, we successfully completed the Construction portal as a joint online platform for companies in the main construction and track construction trades at the end of March. With over 5,000 companies, this enables the digitalized exchange of data for salary notifications, contribution invoicing and the further exchange of information.

Rolf Frischknecht, Consimo

The project was triggered by an AS/400 system that was end-of-life and could no longer be operated. In addition, the aim was to introduce consistent, uniform processes across system and user group boundaries, eliminate media discontinuities and consolidate the interfaces to peripheral systems. Last but not least, the aim was to set the course for the future with an expandable and standardized solution that can be used for other applications and does not hinder but rather promotes the introduction of modern technologies such as AI and others.
Consimo is based in Zurich. The project management was assigned to Panoff Consulting GmbH, also based locally. A solution from the Swiss provider Arctive and the ServiceNow® platform were selected for the project tender. This combination guarantees collaborative teamwork on site in Zurich in German as well as a fast time-to-value, which results from the powerful platform, the available Arctive Business Solutions and the great expertise of the Arctive employees.

Arctive's developers are able to implement complex topics in such a way that they are easy to understand and user-friendly for the customer. They think proactively, which makes Arctive a reliable partner even in difficult project situations.

Reto Höhn, Project manager Panoff

ServiceNow® was established as a central platform that provides the groups of people involved with interfaces tailored to their needs. For example, a portal based on SwissTool® for end users or task-related workspaces for internal administrators. In addition, the processes have been redesigned so that they can be executed and controlled end-to-end by ServiceNow®. This also includes integration with peripheral systems such as Abacus, Microsoft Dynamics and the aforementioned registers. The migration of all data from the legacy systems went smoothly and in just a few days. The on-boarding of over 9,000 connected companies was carried out in phases and achieved success rates well above Consimo's ambitious expectations.

We implemented the solution in close cooperation with Arctive, our general contractor for the ServiceNow® and Abacus platforms. We greatly appreciated the cooperation with Arctive. As a competent partner, Arctive worked with our project team to develop and implement the solutions using the agile project method. Professionalism, team spirit, trust in the abilities of the individual and the pinch of humor that is also needed were decisive success factors.

Rolf Frischknecht, Consimo

In addition to replacing the legacy systems, the final product now also makes it possible to control the overall processes, as these are displayed transparently and can be accessed by the customer at any time in reports and dashboards. The automation of previously manual processing steps, such as the creation of letters, which are now generated with NoCode PDF®, reduces the risk of errors and increases the efficiency of the resources used.
It has been shown that the trusting cooperation between the client, the project management and the implementation team was a decisive success factor in achieving the goals set - and it was fun too.

The collaboration with Arctive in IT operations is very efficient. The Arctive team impresses with both technical and professional knowledge. The fast response time, reliable support and partnership-based cooperation are particularly noteworthy.

Markus Huwyler, Lead IT Consimo

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